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Hide Your Name When Printing Outlook Emails

When you print an Outlook email–whether your own or someone else’s–your own name appears by default in large text at the top of the printout. This is awkward if you are printing emails as a delegate, or are using them as … Continue reading

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Get Excel to Automatically Launch Documents from an Exhibit List, Privilege Log, or Hot Documents List

Today I’ll explain how to create a schedule of documents or other files in Excel that includes a hyperlink for each document.  Anyone reviewing this list will be able to open any document described on it by just clicking the link.  This makes it … Continue reading

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Use Excel to Count the Number of Emails in Each Email Chain

Courts and litigants have long struggled with the question of how to describe email chains on a privilege log.  Should you log only the most recent email, or log every email in the chain–or something in between?  New York has … Continue reading

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5 Killer Formatting Tricks

1.  Scroll-free Fonts Scrolling through all the available fonts to find the one you want can be a pain.  If you know the name of it, you can simply click into the box containing the active font and begin typing the name … Continue reading

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Reverse Names with Find & Replace

In a recent post I explained how to count the number of pages in a list of Bates ranges.  Today I’ll discuss a common text formatting issue. Suppose you have a long list of names of the form “Cook, Mary” … Continue reading

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Calculate How Many Pages are in a List of Bates Ranges

Suppose you get an angry letter from opposing counsel complaining about a set of redacted documents you produced, and attaching a list of the Bates ranges.  You want to know how many pages of documents there are to look at. Here’s an … Continue reading

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