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Find & Redact Social Security Numbers in Excel Files

A raft of state and federal laws require the redaction of social security numbers from publicly available documents.  For attorneys, this usually means that documents produced in litigation must be scrubbed of SSN’s.   In my experience, many parties resort to … Continue reading

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Give ‘A HOUL’ when you discover hidden columns

When reviewing Excel files in native form, it is important to unhide any hidden rows or columns.  In my experience, it is most often the columns that are hidden.  And these hidden columns often contain the formulas that tell you … Continue reading

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Filter at Warp Speed with Filter by Selection

Suppose you’re scrolling through some data and you come across an interesting value. You’d like to know if there are more values like the current one.   It might be a name on a privilege log, the name of a creditor, a … Continue reading

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