Excel Filters and the Duty of Technology Competence

The Harris County Law Library in Houston, Texas recently hosted my presentation “Excel Essentials for the Practice of Law.”  Among other topics, I explained how filters work in Excel, and how they present pitfalls for the unwary lawyer.  When lawyers responsible for reviewing documents–either incoming or outgoing–are unaware of how filters work, all kinds of things can go wrong.  Learn more by watching this 8-minute video excerpt:

In the ongoing conversation about what constitutes “technology competence” for lawyers, I think more attention should be paid to Microsoft Excel.  Because our clients’ employees use it, and our adversaries’ employees use it, we ignore it at our peril.

I hope you enjoyed this post and video.  If you would like to learn how to host an Excel workshop at your law library, bar association, law firm, company, or public interest organization, please get in touch with Ben Kusmin of Excel Esquire.


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