Spelling Bee Fundraiser for Harlem Hospital CCHP

Hello readers!  Your humble narrator and Excel blogger will compete in a spelling bee fundraiser to benefit the Center for Comprehensive Health Practice, a terrific hospital serving needy residents in Harlem.  They are facing a difficult rent hike and this fundraiser is critically important.  And if you’re in New York, please come to the spelling bee – it is a lot of fun! (The featured photo *might* be me in last year’s spelling bee.)   Please follow the link to learn more about the event or make a donation.


With any luck they will ask me to spell CONCATENATE.


About excelesquire

NYC attorney and Excel enthusiast.
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1 Response to Spelling Bee Fundraiser for Harlem Hospital CCHP

  1. Excel fan says:

    Nice! Clearly you are a man of many talents.


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