Give ‘A HOUL’ when you discover hidden columns

When reviewing Excel files in native form, it is important to unhide any hidden rows or columns.  In my experience, it is most often the columns that are hidden.  And these hidden columns often contain the formulas that tell you how all the other data was generated.

You can unhide any hidden columns on a given worksheet by Selecting the entire worksheet with Ctrl+A.  Then go to Format –> Hide & Unhide –> Unhide Columns:


These steps can be reduced to the following keyboard shortcuts:  Ctrl+A and Alt+HOUL

Note:  For Control key shortcuts hold down the Ctrl key; for Alt shortcuts hit the Alt key and let go, and then hit the right sequence of keys.  After you hit the Alt key, Excel will display the letter that will activate the ribbon you want and display the next set of shortcuts.  In this example, choosing H selects the Home Ribbon:


So give A HOUL the next time you discover some hidden columns!

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts?  Share them in the comments below or email Excel Esquire.  Thanks for reading.

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